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University of Prešov

English in International Business and Intercultural Communication:

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The teaching is held in English. The graduates’level of the English language corresponds to the B2 level of the European reference framework (in oral and written communication in the professional environment using a variety of genres). They can translate and interpret texts dealing with social, intercultural and political issues as well as texts on international business and tourism. In addition, the graduates have achieved an insight into the essentials of marketing, management, economy, law, psychology and the issues of the European integration with regard to intercultural business communication. In addition, they have an insight into the history and culture of the English speaking countries and a better understanding of cultural differences. The graduates of the programme will become indispensable experts in international cultural and business relations in local governments and state administration, in small and medium size enterprises as well as in cultural and non-profit organizations and tourist agencies dealing with foreign clients. The whole program consists of 6 moduls: language development, /history, geography, culture, literature and arts of english speaking countries/, linguistics, psychology, /managment, marketing, economy and law/, computer technology and computer skills. The study terminates with a theoretical state examination and the thesis defence. Graduates receive the Bc. degree.


The University of Prešov has been a stabile constituent of the Slovak higher education space for a longer period of time. Some faculties of the University have been here for more than a half of a century, others for several decades and the more recent ones – merely for several years.

Its long presence at the Slovak intellectual scene has been a proof of an utmost necessity of providing intellectual development and education for generations of young people who present not only the strength of Slovak ancestors’ traditions and beliefs but also hope for the future.

From its very beginnings, the University of Prešov has provided the highest standards of academic education to both Slovak and foreign students across a wide range of studies in the fields of humanities, natural, theological, and managerial sciences, health and sports.


Prešov is a city in eastern Slovakia. It is the seat of the administrative Prešov Region (Slovak: Prešovský kraj). With a population of approximately 91,000, it is the third-largest city in the country. Historically, the city has been known in German as Eperies (between 1938 and 1945 also Preschau), Eperjes in Hungarian, Fragopolis in Latin, Preszów in Polish, Peryeshis in Romany, Пряшев (Pryashev) in Russian and Пряшів (Priashiv) in Rusyn and Ukrainian.


The Slovak Republic (short form: Slovakia) is a landlocked state in Central Europe. It has a population of over five million and an area of about 49,000 square kilometers. Slovakia is a landlocked country bordered by the Czech Republic and Austria to the west, Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east and Hungary to the south. The largest city is the capital, Bratislava, and the second largest is Košice. Slovakia is a member state of the European Union, NATO, United Nations, OECD and WTO among others. The official language is Slovak, a member of the Slavic language family.



Application fee includes:

  1. Registration aplication form
  2. Preparation materials for passing the entrance test
  3. Entrance exam fee
Type of paymentFeesPayments due by
Payment for registration procedure€ 500,-May 15 2016

Payment details:

Bank connection: Všeobecná úverová banka, a.s., Mlynské Nivy 1, 829 09 Bratislava, Slovenská republika
Recipient of payment: Dievrinsis s.r.o., Michalská 9, 811 03 Bratislava, Slovak republic
IBAN: SK6002000000002706490151
Variable symbol: Name the candidate for study
Bank account number: 2706490151/0200



  1. Automatic recognition of diploms across the EU
  2. Translation of all relevant documents in the official language is necessary for entry to university dan
  3. Validation
    The Secondary School Certificate must be validated by Slovak authorities (Decree of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic No. 207/1993).
  4. Dievrinsis Corporation finds for you residencies near to the universities and insure lower leaseholds
  5. Any help on the territory of Slovakia and the Czech republic during the entre study
  6. Insurance brokerage and assistance for temporary stay (applies to non-EU candidates)
  7. Provide list of doctors cooperating with our agency

Type of payment


Payments due by

Payment for registration procedure

€ 2.000,-

August 31 2016

Payment details:

Bank connection: Všeobecná úverová banka, a.s., Mlynské Nivy 1, 829 09 Bratislava, Slovenská republika
Recipient of payment: Dievrinsis s.r.o., Michalská 9, 811 03 Bratislava, Slovak republic
IBAN: SK6002000000002706490151
Variabil symbol: Name the candidate for study
Bank account number: 2706490151/0200


  • Highschool leaving certificate
  • Good knowledge of the English language
  • Passing the entrance examination
  • Submission of the online application form with timely payment of fees


Step 1

Submit a completed online application form, pay the application fee (includes entrance exam fee) and send supporting documents.

The supporting documents are:

  • Contract Mediation study (applicant shall sign both copies, which will send with other documents. Agency Dievrinsis send you back one signed original)
  • A completed University Application Form
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) - in English
  • High School Leaving Certificate (original or verified copy) - two copies required - one for the University and one for the Regional Authority Office. One of the certificates has to be present with an Apostille from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in home country.
  • Photocopy of the passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of application fee payment - bank swift + completed fee transfer form

All these documents must be provided in original or as verified copies (with original stamps and signatures).

Documents must be submitted to:
Dievrinsis s.r.o.  
Michalska 9
811 03 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

* If final certificates are not yet available, then please contact our agency.

Our agency will provide training, highly effective for successfully passing the entrance test.

Step 2

Entrance exam

Step 3

Receive a university acceptance/rejection letter or provisional acceptance* letter.

* The provisional acceptance letter means that admission into the University is pending until all documents are submitted and the applicant pays the tuition fee.

Step 4

If accepted to the University, students must pay the registration fee within 14 days after receiving the letter of acceptance.

Step 5

Pay the tuition fee

If you have any questions about your application status, please contact our customer service department at and a representative will contact you shortly.

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